Shedding Wetiko

Self-importance, egocentricity, or wetiko by whatever moniker – manifests in us singularly and collectively at all levels. More than any other single factor here in the 21st c., humanity’s hubris continues to slowly and steadily destroy us – from the inside out.


By the 21st century, children are begotten by production, introduced to their environment through machines, and begin their lives within virtual worlds via lifeless devices that they feel impotent and groundless to be without. Virtual worlds begin to displace authenticity, definitions dissolve, and fabrications shout down actualities.

Care to Evolve?

The egocentricity experiment with human Design has run its course – its climax is our confluence of crises. Virtually all system solutions and ascension paths proposed by even the most enlightened among us fail to breach egocentricity’s stronghold. The forecast for our imminent extinction is well founded and arguably certain unless we become something new. Metamorphosis is appropriate terminology here.


n the beginning (there’s a beginning??), God infinitely ponders the puzzle of Experience. To explore this question, God begets Creation so that God might perceive God through an infinitude of entities distributed throughout a Universe without end – each one a unique portal through which God as consciousness might experience God as phenomena – thus commissioning the Oneness Duality.