Woke World

“Humanity is moving ever deeper into a crisis which has no precedent – a ‘final exam’ as to whether or not it qualifies for continuance in the Universe. It is not an examination of political, economic, or religious systems but of the integrity of each and all individual humans’ responsible thinking and unselfish response to the acceleration in evolution’s evermore unprecedented events.”

– Buckminster Fuller

The magnitude of our urgency was already lucid to Buckminster Fuller decades ago. Expressions about integrating our selves with the ‘Whole’ have been articulated for ages in word, song, image, prayer, and plans. But logical plans and methodical execution that have always worked in the past, no longer apply. We are stymied by deeper issues – a nut we have yet to crack. Despite the ever increasing number of us who envision a Woke World with a growing magnitude of resonant, congruent awareness – the big question remains, unmoved:

How will humanity survive?

The elephant in the room is ego – each one the center of its own Universe. Yet this is the only world we believe is possible. This consensus reality defines The Truman Show of our current paradigm. What will it take to initiate a Copernican shift away from our myopic, egocentric orientation – and transform our disparate array of isolated egos into a living network of integrally interconnected beings? To wit:

“There is one human story. Dressed in new clothing and using new tools, we endlessly relive it. If we read philosophy, literature, history, poetry, and theology – we see greed, hedonism, and hubris easily defeat empathy and reason.”  – The Last Act of the Human Comedy – Chris Hedges

“Self-importance/egocentricity/wetiko – manifests in us singularly and collectively at all levels. More than any other single factor here in the 21st c., humanity’s hubris continues to slowly and steadily destroy us – from the inside out.”Shedding Wetiko – Beau

“The most important point to be made here is that as long as we remain egocentric beings, there shall always be sociopaths and psychopaths among us, who inevitably rise to authority driven by selfishness, greed, and apathy – who then capsize their entire sphere of influence despite the best intentions of all the rest of us. This perpetual cycle can only continue its descent until we undergo the spiritual and cultural transformation available by transmuting the egocentricity at its root.”  – The Project

“The egocentricity experiment with human Design has run its course – its climax is our confluence of crises. It is now imperative that we develop metamorphic catalysts immediately – means and methods to efficiently transmute egocentricity and profoundly evoke our innate senses of interdependence and compassion.” – Care To Evolve?  – Beau

Success in transmuting egocentricity is contingent on the evocation of Intuitive Intelligence, II – defined for our purposes here as: “what comes to mind” – as opposed to deliberation, deduction, and analysis utilizing our brains. ‘What comes to mind’ as II, transcends egocentric analysis, does not belong to us, nor is it created by us. History is replete with accounts of scientists, philosophers, and artists whose ‘I found it’ moments ostensibly emanated from II. When we successfully receive II without any filtration whatsoever by our egocentric preconceptions, II is arguably 100% accurate or appropriate, and available to guide us to the best possible outcome whenever we allow it to do so.

Intuitive Intelligence is the living loving ‘Whole’ communicating – to us, its living elements.

Human evolution, as envisioned here, shall be achieved in part by facilitating the integration of II into our being such that a substantial, if not majority, of our activity is directed more by II than by egocentric deliberation. In the new paradigm, II shall habitually “come to mind” both individually and collectively to inform and influence resonant action. The more we allow the ‘Whole’ to guide us, through its always available voice of II, the more quickly we evolve.

Transmuting egocentricity requires its dissolution, much like a caterpillar in a chrysalis – what else can possibly stop us from destroying ourselves? Herein lies our greatest dilemma. How does anyone justify a commitment that requires we relinquish our core belief about our very being, in order to transform into the unknown and barely imaginable? Our egocentricity that insists we are our minds, inhibits acceptance or even awareness of II, because II presents an existential threat to egocentricity’s illusory autonomy and compulsion to control.

By its own fluid, the caterpillar’s body dissolves within the chrysalis to metamorphose into the butterfly. The chaos that has recently emerged on all of Earth, is the ‘fluid’ now dissolving humanity as we know it, within our global ‘chrysalis’. We the ‘Conscious Creatives’, are the imaginal cells building the new evolved Woke World out of the formless solution that chaos continues to make of us, as it expands and envelopes virtually all of humanity. A warp speed evolution is necessary here to arrest our descent to extinction and manifest a paradigm that transcends all current shortcomings.

Our challenge is to engineer the Moonshot of an evolutionary path wherein we permanently catalyze human experience into a broader and deeper perceptual dimension. One that ostensibly reifies a hybrid ‘personal/collective’ human experience, as consciously interconnected individuals within a living network – simultaneously separate and all together, like 7.x billion fingers on one ‘Whole’ hand. Once done, perhaps the best part will be an undeniable and perpetual sense of belonging – to one another everywhere, to our living Earth, and to the Universe in which it turns.

The Age of Reason famously proclaimed “I think, therefore I am” – an ode to egocentricity. The Ubuntu principle, “I am because we are” – appropriately expresses our upgraded orientation in the new paradigm – The Age of Intuition.

[Believe it!]

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