Care to Evolve?

in a single instant, the light of a lamp can illuminate

a house that has been dark and uninhabited for a thousand years

just so, realizing the luminous nature of your own mind for even an instant

will purify an eon’s worth of negativity and obscurations

Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol – 19th c Tibetan Buddhist Poet

How will humanity survive?

The elephant in the room is ego – each one the center of its own Universe1. Yet this is the only world we believe is possible. What will it take to initiate a Copernican shift away from our myopic, egocentric orientation – and transform our disparate array of isolated egos into a coherent Network of integrally interconnected beings? As such, we might each then perceive and experience life from a more permeable individuality than our current discrete form. Newly discovered or developed senses2 beyond the physical, forge empirical links to one another and to our world that become the ‘Inner Net’ – a new humanity. This is our evolution.

Without Love Within

As a new humanity where we are always in some way tangibly connected to one another like the jewels of Indra’s Net, concepts such as adversary and selfishness dissolve. Our newfound senses transcend such notions. The role of ego returns to function principally as ID and location coordinates from which our unique personal lives contribute to an equally perceivable larger, collective experience. This is our evolution.

‘Inner Net’ exhibits characteristics of Hive Mind3. For example – termites are a society of creatures capable of building mounds that rival our tallest skyscrapers in relative scale4. Fungi beneath the forest floor form an organic internet that precedes humankind5. Bees communicate with plants6 in a survival symbiosis that we do not yet fully comprehend. These sentient beings create and flourish collectively within domains of interspecial synergy with an order and efficiency that make our atrocious political conflicts here at our self-authorized ‘top of the food chain’7 appear ludicrous and primitive. They accomplish all this without technology or money. They operate unimpeded by negotiations about who does what for how much, and devoid of the vanity of who gets credit. This does not mean to portray our potential future as a matrix of mindless humatons. Rather, as evolved beings, our interests will best be served by developing (awakening?) similar sensitivities and channels of communication. As the new humanity, our current climate change crisis might be clearly acknowledged around the globe relatively spontaneously and inspire an appropriate, self-evident local response by each one of us. This is our evolution.

Recent  research8,9 continues to reveal our microbiome’s integration in our physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual constitution. Each of our ‘non-human’ cells functions as an indispensable element of our ‘whole being’ – just as we might become cognizant of our ‘whole being’ as a unique and integral ‘cell’ within the living macrobiome, Gaia10,11 – the spirit of indigenous cultures’ philosophy12 amplified to global scale reality. Outlooks from such a vantage point might clarify ancient mysteries such that institutions founded on selective beliefs (e.g.: religion, scientism) are rendered obsolete and replaced by an emerging empirical Integral Spirituality13. Recall the parable of the six blind men who argue over what an elephant is, based on which part each of them holds. After evolution opens our eyes, each now contributes details from their respective parts of a mutually acknowledged whole – the argument is no longer possible. This is our evolution.

Progress ought to entail the revelation of some new facilitating dimension(s), currently imperceptible only because our appropriate ‘extra’ senses are diminished or switched off – faculties inherent to our being in need of ‘drivers to be installed’. Imagine the sea creatures who first ventured forth from an exclusively water bound environment, developed an atmospheric dimension to their reality, became amphibious, and eventually land based. Our evolutionary growth at hand is of just such an order of magnitude – albeit accelerated. Staying with this analogy – our new sense of living transpires in an environment of a higher order density in the same way that air is less dense than water. Esoteric literature suggests just such a transition is already in progress from an ostensibly 3rd to 4th density14,15. Future evolution stages may incorporate an intrinsic awareness of the space/energy between or within molecules – displacing our current illusory perception of matter as solid, or life as ‘flickering motion picture’ model, if you will. As biocentric16 network nodes, we might experience our personal limits as a fluid, interactive boundary rather than the rigid shell that egocentricity demands – our brain’s parietal lobe that instructs us to regard our epidermis as boundary mutates to a more expansive and dynamic program. This is our evolution.

Heads_Samual Farrand
“Heads” – Samual Farrand

The primary obstruction at hand is our egocentric delusion of discrete personal sovereignty. For millennia we have been held captive by a conviction of identity that insists: ‘I am ego’ and ‘ego is me’. Paul Levy presents the case of “wetiko (malignant egophrenia) as a psychotic sickness of the soul and spirit at the root of humanity’s inhumanity to itself”17. Wetiko (aka Windigo, Wihtikow) is a Native American term for a virus of the psyche infecting us all. Wetiko maintains a lock on us insidiously with devices for its self-preservation that emphasize and reinforce our deluded sense of separateness – religion, guns, and money among the most powerful. Our iron clad identification with egocentricity is wetiko’s strongest defense. How powerful is the subliminal resistance you feel right now as you entertain the proposition herein to confront the wetiko lurking within yourself? Can you see that forest for the trees? Are you willing?! This is our evolution.

The egocentricity experiment with human Design has run its course – its climax is our confluence of crises. Virtually all system solutions and ascension paths proposed by even the most enlightened among us fail to breach egocentricity’s stronghold. The forecast for our imminent extinction18 is well founded and arguably certain unless we become something new19. Metamorphosis is appropriate terminology here. At this Moment in history, ages of humanity can be metaphorically distilled into a litter of newborn kittens, blind from birth, whose eyes are now poised to open onto their world for the very first time20….are we ready? This is our evolution.

We scientists

Relieving humanity of egocentricity’s bondage by consensus is impossible. Political proposals are hopelessly impotent. It is now imperative that we develop metamorphic catalysts immediately – means and methods to efficiently transmute egocentricity and profoundly evoke our innate senses of interdependence and compassion21. Accelerating selfless (ego free) Love for oneself, one another, Gaia, and the Universe is the principal component at the root of all such action22. Progress must manifest virally – just as news that ‘War is Over’ will spread like wildfire. Time is ticking.

This is our evolution.



Banner Art – “Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of a New Man” – Salvador Dali

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Beginning is near

5 thoughts on “Care to Evolve?

    1. Thank you for your compliments and your questions.

      Your first question represents our Quest at hand as a species. The appropriateIt is eMindfulness ‘movement’ – our current best collective effort – though well intentioned, is no transformation to take us beyond egocentricity. Wetiko will guarantee that it never does – the wetiko reboot is already compromising and convoluting the genuine article. Encouraging that Transformation is on the lips of so many of us – a testimony to our collective link to Its morphogenic field aching to manifest somehow, even though the nuts & bolts of action continue to escape us – now decades on.

      Reasonable logic suggests that the caterpillar has no idea what it’s like to fly much less that it will one day do so as a way of life. Yet the Design is such that it spins the very cocoon from which it later emerges – so evolved as to transcend not only what life once was as a caterpillar, but with a vision and perspective that transcends everything that the caterpillar of its ‘youth’ once revered as enlightenment.

      The way things look from this chair – the nuts & bolts of such action and their results are as unimaginable to most of us as a caterpillar’s impossible notion of future flight. We require metamorphic catalysts like a cocoon to achieve the Transformation. As the Ascension Pundit Industrial Complex circuit continues to distribute tools, concepts, and jargon [both authentic and contrived (thank you wetiko)], among a humanity aching for Transformation, action plans of appropriate direction and scope are conspicuously absent. To date the circuit only seems to increase the number of us mouthing the words of some nebulous ideal. Beau knows of only one conceived catalytic process, but even that one languishes in gestation awaiting a birthdate. Given the contemporary widespread accessibility to Transformation’s morphogenic field, surely there must be others who get this with as big an idea.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for your comment, Twilight17, but you’re missing the point. Your suggestion is an element of the impossible concept of “Relieving humanity of egocentricity’s bondage by consensus”. What we now require is much more transcendent and desperately in need of a sweeping catalyst. As effective as your kabbalah technique most surely is – it is only another player in the Ascension Pundit Industrial Complex that, despite the best and most sincere of intentions, does not do enough to crack the shell constricting us all.

      Bless you!


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