[In the beginning…………..(there’s a beginning??)]…………..

…from the Void, God infinitely ponders the puzzle of Experience. To explore this question, God begets Creation so that God might perceive God through an infinitude of entities distributed throughout a Universe without end – each one a unique portal through which God as consciousness might experience God as phenomena – thus commissioning the Oneness Duality – variously represented as: Creator/Creation; consciousness/phenomena; emptiness/form; spirit/body; thought/energy; ethereal/material; mind/matter; Heaven/Earth; implicate order/explicate order; absence/presence; red pill/blue pill; nothing/everything; hole/doughnut ……etc. Life is our voyage on the razor’s edge [ / ] between – like a coin that is phenomenal only so long as it bears both a heads and a tails – or a living breathing ‘one’ that forms a unique and transitory interface between ‘zero’ and ‘infinity’: 0 < 1 < ∞.

Each life begotten throughout Creation is an illusory individual vessel through which the One Life breathes an ephemeral illusion of existence – a unique portal for experience and perspective until the vessel dissolves. Through various experiments God learned that the more separate and defined an entity became, the more intriguing its perspective proved to be to the One Heart/One Mind. To enhance this experience God devised Ego for a single species (homo sapiens) to see where this might lead. But while God was busy directing the early evolution of civilization that was to be fertile ground for Ego’s growth, Ego had become so separate and sovereign that Ego broke off from the experiment and went rogue – disowning the One Heart and claiming the One Mind as its own, along with the delusion that Creation itself was in fact Ego’s very own Toy – in spite of the will of the glorious ‘gods’ whom Ego ceremoniously and symbolically praised.

By the 21st c. in Earth time, God realizes his subject species has fully devolved into hubris laden homo sapiens – virtual machines driven by a babel of artificial intelligence, steeped in ignorance, and blindly driving themselves toward extinction. Love, the sole Force in the Universe emanating from the One Heart, compels God to awaken the connection of the One Heart to the One Mind that had long been severed by Ego. Perhaps by revealing a broader window of perception, they might discover a dimension wherein they readily recall and appropriately acknowledge themselves within the ‘all-that-is & all-that-is-not’, renounce Ego’s vanity at last, and embody the One Heart/One Mind once again. However, God is uncertain that God will be able to save them in time without their assistance.

Career opportunities abound: Applications now being accepted.


Burning Morning
“Desert Spirits” – Spencer Tunick

Banner art – “Earthchild Swirl”(?) – Luis

6 thoughts on “Creation

  1. Thank you for this. I was looking for someone who was saying what you are saying.
    I’m amazed not only by the content but also by the intelligent and concise way it is written .
    I’m ready to experience “through senses long dormant” from that other dimension through a “broader window of perception” and “be God once again”.


  2. Interesting. It infers that God has human qualities and experiments, and it looks like that but is wrong. That which creates knows exactly what it is doing. When a certain aspect opted for Free Will an incredibly long time ago, it allowed things to happen.
    We are responsible as immortal units of the Source, which also created the gods. We are on the long path back through a long series of incarnations. Sometime it is called the Journey of The Soul. There is a book written recently, “The Nine Freedoms”, describing the different stages. A truly life changing book.


    1. “wrong”?…..really??

      fyi – this is art not scripture – but truly, what is all scripture but volumes of venerated blogging… this blog here as well as your response – artful expression as that which creates knowing exactly what it is doing…..


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