…& the NEXT Paradigm?

“It is easier to understand that the entire manifestation is of a nature of a dream, or a mirage, but you interpret the rest of the manifestation as being a mirage and won’t let go of the seer of a phenomenon, the seer too is also part of the mirage.”

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


O14 – Tomasz Alen Kopera

…..in the current paradigm our sense of ‘self’ incorporates our entire body. Epidermis is what most all of us regard as the boundary of our ‘self’. Our ego’s existential attachment to our mind extends to include our entire physical being as ‘self’ – anchored by our mind as its center, director, and base of existence. Our abject fear of death is rooted in this attachment: we believe we are our mind/body, hopelessly clinging to an iron-clad conviction that when our physical form expires, our ‘self’ dies along with it.

In the next paradigm, we consciously wear our body. From our voyage on the ‘razor’s edge’ that is life (see Creation), our expanded awareness perceives our body as simply another component among all phenomena. This corresponds in concept to the way we infuse our identity into a job, relationship, etc. until its ‘lifetime’ ends, or a trademark outfit worn as personal presentation that we discard when it has worn out…..


…..perpetual awareness of our Whole humanity is a fundamental characteristic of our human experience in the next paradigm. As such, we experience our sense of ‘self’ as a constituent element of the Whole humanity, equally as much as we experience our sense of ‘self’ as an individual – all from within the ephemeral bodily costume we occupy for a different sort of lifetime. This simultaneous individual/collective consciousness transcends the limits demanded by our egocentric attachments that comprise the foundation of our experience today.

From within the body that we temporarily fill in the next paradigm, the limits of our ‘being’ appear permeable compared to the rigid barriers of ‘birth & death’, and ‘self & other’ that are foregone conclusions in our lives today. In the next paradigm, our pure ego (unique energy signature) is tangibly linked to others as well as the Whole. Our pure ego consciously traverses the beginning and end of our bodily occupation in some yet to be revealed fashion – ostensibly as one would enter/exit a vehicle or change clothes in this paradigm…..


…..in the current paradigm, most of us visualize our “self” as located behind our eyes. The ego, tethered to the mind, sees itself there as the control center of our body within the brain. Unshakably bonded with the mind & body complex as an entity separate from all other phenomena, the egocentric “self” in each of us insists that we are perceiving all phenomena while cloaked within isolated personal pods. Shared across our entire species, this delusion powerfully reinforces itself – like the parable where everyone in the town has gone mad from the poison in the water that everyone drinks, wherein no one is able to recognize that everyone has gone mad – and anyone who successfully breaks out of the compromised condition in common is seen as insane.

Once this delusional attachment is relinquished, our unburdened pure ego can now discover its true place within the heart. This shift away from our currently mind-centered perception and orientation marks the path to the next paradigm, where pure ego experiences all phenomena from the heart of its (phenomenal) transitory physique. From each heart within each of our egos’ assigned forms, we discover the connection to our Whole humanity, as well as a perpetual awareness of an immediately empirical connection to one another as individuals. This experience is as inherent to the next paradigm as the shared air we all breathe today, both together and separately, in this paradigm…..


…..in today’s world, modalities beyond acknowledged forms of energy already exist, but only on the fringe, due to the challenge they present to “accepted science”. The ready availability of bountiful energy that requires virtually no input to generate and is accessible at anytime, anywhere, and at negligible expense is but one example. Another is energy medicine that heals with profound efficiency across the limitless non-local realm of the quantum domain – “magical fantasy” in the eyes of most of us here and now. The concepts at the root of such phenomena are as frightfully simple as they are frightfully powerful. So much so that they challenge our collective sense of what is possible to the point of forbidding cognitive dissonance, if not outright denial. That being the case, such phenomena are largely marginalized.

The only hypothetical part here is when/if all this gets released, accepted, and implemented. In the next paradigm such non-physical phenomena, further developed in multiple contexts, will emerge in forms that are orders of magnitude greater than what is currently known – and manifest as a world of abundance virtually unimaginable within this paradigm. This quantum shift in quality of life shall be facilitated by our evolved Whole humanity synergy (aka: Love), always working to optimize our human experience – universally. Generations born in the next paradigm will have great difficulty trying to comprehend the inherent delusion of separateness that dominates our lives every single moment in this paradigm!…..


…..the senses required to perceive and experience phenomena in the next paradigm as noted herein, already lie within us. As per our human Design, they have always been in the blueprint – ready to be actualized, when the time has come. As today’s paradigm continues to helplessly expire – before us and within us – our imperative is to activate these “extra” senses as soon as possible by whatever means feasible. We must expand our sense of being through discovery of a broader, deeper perceptual dimension in which we embody these expansive senses as second nature. Success in achieving this outcome shall quickly deliver widespread solutions to our most pressing global problems, through a greater Love as the new way of life on Earth, inherently with and for one another everywhere, all the time – a way of being we have longed for throughout millennia in this paradigm, whether we have known it or not…..




banner art: 10B (detail) – Tomasz Alen Kopera

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